Our local farms have bronze and traditional white free-range Turkeys which have access to the hedgerows and fields by day and at night live in open barns bedded down on straw and soft wood shavings safe from foxes. Our barn-reared turkeys live in open barns with plenty of air and natural day light.

All our turkeys are hatched in June and are allowed to develop slowly, enjoying a natural diet containing whole grain cereals which has no growth-promoting additives.

For our free-range Christmas chickens we use a breed called the Cotswold White; it is a moderate to slow-growing breed that has good breast meat yield and excellent eating quality

Our ducks and geese are from Telmara Farm and we know that our high expectations are rewarded with premium products. From the moment they arrive at just one day old until they are delivered to you, our birds spend their days on the farm; a regime that ensures quality control and care every step of the way, keeping food miles to a minimum.

Our product is second-to -none, but of course the proof of the pudding is in eating. From the supremely succulent meat to the mouth-watering flavour, you will recognise that Telmara Farm is the only choice.